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Main Business: Meat  machinery production, processing, non-standard parts processing
Product Detail

Mutton split line




Address the different needs of customers

Split conveyor line

In the past 20 years, Micook   has provided hundreds of meat segmentation production lines in Asian countries, becoming a large multi-layer three-dimensional segmentation line supplier in China. As an innovator in the industry, we set the industry benchmark and example.


Target tracking ERP of RFID card

Automatic traceability and weight statistics system

Use RFID to record the statistical raw material input and the performance of each operator management system. The management system can be managed by connecting to CCTV。

Suitable for farms, slaughterhouses, dividing lines and other meat processing plants and general industries。

Column 1: Track the amount of activity recorded in the farm, to achieve the                control of feed feeding data management.

Column 2: after dividing the output of products processed by each operator on the production line, the output energy can be calculated by item and job number.