Main Business: Meat  machinery production, processing, non-standard parts processing
About Us

HRG Honk is a Sino-foreign joint venture between HIT Robot Group(HRG) and Jiangsu Mi-cook (Korean Capital) in Kunshan, China. "HRG Honk" accumulation "Mi-cook" 30 years Asia's   leading   meat automation machinery manufacturing brand value and HRG strong military scientific research background, together to become "HRG Honk" this brand- and representative of China-South Korea intelligent manufacturing technology field of large-power manufacturing flagship brand. "HRG Honk" focus on meat processing automation machinery a full set of production lines, the role of pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens and all kinds of livestock and poultry, the application from slaughter, segmentation, cooked meat processing process. "HRG Honk "to promote the formulation of industry standards, leading industrial progress, the full application of automation, robotics technology, for China's meat industry science and technology development!